Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Princess Baby: 30 Reads and Counting

Article by Scott Tingley, January 09, 2008

My daughter is clumsy. I was going to name the article that, but my wife wouldn’t let me. However, the fact remains that my daughter is clumsy – she is a lot like her dear old dad that way. Fortunately I got the new children’s book Princess Baby on Friday, because on Sunday my daughter fell down pretty hard. The only thing that would get her to stop crying was to show her the book for the first time and twenty minutes and five readings later she had stopped crying, but I was not allowed up. We had to read it again.

“Poor baby, no one calls her by her real name! “I am not a buttercup, or a giggly goose. I am not a cupcake. Please don’t call me Little Lamb, and never ever Gum Drop,” she insists. With a curtsy and a twirl, again and again our protagonist makes it abundantly clear who she is.” (from

My wife and I have read this book at least thirty times this week so far (It’s only Wednesday!). I was thinking of calling this review “Don’t Buy This Book If You Know What’s Good For You” but I thought that might be misleading to you an therefore a little annoying to author / writer Karen Katz. My three year old daughter loves this book so much – we actually have to keep it out of sight so we can get something done around the house without her demanding to have it read once again. If you as a parent have to read a book over and over again, at least you hope that it is a well crafted and clever book. As I said in an earlier review on this blog, “there are only so many times a man can read Care Bears What Makes You Happy? before contemplating the positive merits of book burning.”

Princess Baby is one of those well crafted ones that you won’t mind reading over and over and over and over. Or, at least won’t mind so much.

The book’s topic is relevant to little girls, the art is appealing and the pacing is perfect. I highly recommend this book. And Mariah gives this one 544 out of 544 “read it again”s

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