Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two Chinese New Year Picture Books: A Short Review

Review by Scott Tingley - August 09, 2008

I have no idea why, but my-oh-my does my not-yet-four-year-old girl like reading story books about Chinese New Years. It is bed time for her; I just read Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin, My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katzby twice each, and she is in her room right now reading the two of them again. She loves books, but there is something that is drawing her to these books lately.

The sense of family is strong throughout both of these beautifully illustrated and lavishly colored picture books, which seems to appeal to my daughter. Both are jammed packed with illustrations, with Bringing in getting the edge. Both are informative, with My First getting the edge. Also, and just as importantly, they are both fairly quick reads (something that is very important for evening readings).

These are both terrific and informative picture books, and I don’t really think you could go wrong choosing one over the other. They would be perfect for introducing Chinese New Years to an elementary class, and they would be nice additions to any home’s library.


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