Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nit-Pickin’ -or- My Wife Is Not Allowed to Read This Book.

Article by Scott Tingley - May 10, 2008

My wife is not allowed to read this book.

When he gets married, the responsible, yet tricky husband will grab up all the jobs that need doing – but that he doesn’t really mind doing. The big chores I snapped up were: dishes, laundry and cooking; leaving my wife the various floor jobs and a few other things that I am horrible at. It has worked out for us pretty well over the years. Unintentionally this time, I did the same thing when our kids were born. I am now the main ‘accident’ and throw-up cleaner. But my wife is in charge of all hair related duties.

My wife is not allowed to look at this book.


Well, maybe not NEVER ever, but certainly not until after.

After what? After she has to pick and wash and pick and wash all the nits out of our little girl’s hair. See, change its colour from red to blonde and the girl in Nancy Van Laan and George Booth’s, Nit-Pickin’ looks pretty much the same as my own daughter. Curlier than curly hair with easy to tangle ringlets. This would be like a horror book for my wife. She truly dreads that first batch of lice that our kids will inevitably get at some point in their school careers.

I am bringing this book to work and I will bring it home after.

I had a lot of fun reading Nit out loud to my students. The text is written as a poem or a song and its beat made for a good reading experience. The art is kinetic and funny, but I almost missed the best part. All along the top border we see what is happening at nit-level as they are picked out, smeared out, and washed out. This leads to a funny and slightly…troubling final page.

Teachers and parents, you will want to have this one on hand during the inevitable school nit season. It may actually take away some of the fear of lice kids and parents/teachers have.

Available July 1, 2008

By Nancy Van Laan
Illustrated by George Booth
This Edition: Hardcover
Publication Date: July 1, 2008
ISBN-10: 0-689-83898-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-689-83898-9
Ages: 4 - 8
Grades: P - 3