Thursday, November 1, 2007

Big and Little - or - Mariah Won't Give Me Back My Book!

Article by Scott Tingley, November 01, 2007

Blame Mariah. I might be telling you a whole bunch of positive (or negative, I suppose) things about a new book I just got in the mail, but as soon as I opened it my almost three year old daughter took it from me and she won’t give it back. “I’m reading my book, Daddy,” she says. Sheesh.

If things had gone differently I might be using this space right now to tell you that Big and Little by John Stadler is a really great book for preschoolers. I might be telling you that the pages are made of high quality cardstock that will likely hold up to repeated readings by kids with sticky hands. I might be telling you that the illustrations are simple, cute and vibrantly colored. I might be telling you that Ellie the Elephant and the Ringmaster mouse pull a really fun bait-and-switch that might even surprise YOU. But NO. Mariah won’t give me my book back!

Okay, I obviously got the book back, but not until she went to bed. It is a nice looking, compact book with an attractive cover, all of which, apparently, are appealing to almost three year olds.

Mariah was too busy reading the book herself, so I don’t know how many times I will have to read it too her, but I predict 5 times tomorrow.

Juvenile Fiction; 32 pages; August 28, 2007; $9.99us; ISBN: 978-0-375-84175-0 (0-375-84175-X)

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