Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to the New Branch of Comics In The Classroom...But With No Comics

As an elementary teacher I come across a lot more kids books than comics on a daily basis so I thought I would set up a blog and start reviewing them. I have done a couple of reviews on the main site already, but I thought they would be better suited here.

Chapter books will be reviewed by me and when applicable I will let you know what my grade 3 class thought of it.

Children's picture books will be reviewed by my wife and I with the help of our daughter,2 3/4 year old Mariah. I will let you know how many times she made us re-read the book before having to distract her with something :)

If you are a creator or publisher interested in having us review your books, you can contact us at If you have read a great new book that you think we should review, please email us the name of the book, creators and publisher.

Let us know what you think,
Scott Tingley
administrator of and

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